28/11/22 Safe use of the card in supermarkets and ATMs.

Each of us uses a bank card to pay for purchases in the store or to withdraw cash from an ATM.

This is often done automatically, or there are cases when people simultaneously do some work in parallel and may simply not pay attention.

Despite the fact that many consider themselves very educated people, sometimes people make elementary mistakes that can be avoided if you know the simple rules.

Today we have prepared for you 10 simple, but very effective tips on how to save your money and not fall for the bait of scammers


Never use the help or advice of strangers when using a bank card at an ATM or store


Do not leave your card unattended: do not give it to the waiter, do not leave it as a deposit at gas stations, do not leave it at the hotel reception


Do not store the PIN code on electronic or paper media, remember it and destroy it. If you have generated a PIN code yourself, it will not be difficult to remember it


Do not give your card to anyone, even to family members, if the bank finds out about it, for example, by video from an ATM, you will not be able to challenge any fraudulent transaction either before or after


If you lose your card, immediately block it through the help center or personal account, do not postpone the search for later, it is better to reissue it if you find it later


Do not use the card account as a savings account, keep there an amount sufficient only for current expenses


Do not use ATMs of unfamiliar banks and in sparsely populated places, cases of imitation of ATMs are widespread


Carefully inspect the ATM card reader and keyboard, no cameras or other additional devices should be installed on them


Always cover the process of entering the PIN code with your free palm, both at the ATM and at the POS terminal


In case of a robbery, give the card back, do not interfere, later you will be able to challenge fraudulent transactions

Riskcentr thanks you for your attention and wishes you safe payments.

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