Processes and documentations

The construction of all processes and creation of documentation

In a relatively short period of time, our specialists will be able to prepare a description of all processes and documentation related to risk management in the field of e-commerce with a bias for your specific business. Below are only the main topics:

The main risks

  • Description of risks and their classification, possible consequences of each of them
  • Source of risks: merchants, cardholders, description of the main fraudulent schemes and methods of countering them
  • Fines of payment systems, their size, description of violations

Checking merchants. Development of inspection regulations

  • Description of merchant verification stages
  • Description of verification requirements and AML documents
  • Description of Cybercrime verification requirements
  • Methods and tools of verification. Practical examples: how to check and what to pay attention to
  • Survey of the merchant before checking, the necessary minimum
  • Requirements for the merchant's websit

Anti-fraud system

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Description of the anti-fraud system architecture, schematic representation of data blocks
  • Technical specification for development
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the anti-fraud system and adjustment of the rules
  • Data visualization. Schematic examples of the interface, displaying data for efficient analysis.
  • False positives, calculation and correction methods
  • Standard rules and scenarios
  • Specific rules and scenarios for certain types of merchant activities
  • Increase in the conversion of payments, the method of determining the category of refusals

Working with chargebacks and fraud

  • Regulations for working with chargebacks, requests for copies of checks and fraud reports. Procedure
  • Chargeback codes their decoding and methods of challenging them
  • Threshold values according to the rules of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the levels of chargebacks and fraud
  • Examples of successful and unsuccessful challenges to chargebacks
  • Maintaining statistics and counting chargebacks and fraud
  • Building relationships with merchants in order to ensure effective claim work

The main advantages of using this solution:

From Scratch

From Scratch

We create all processes and documentation from scratch.
Production Mode

Production Mode

The introduction of all the created processes and documentation in production mode.


Constant support for the implementation and "running-in" of all processes. We are always there.
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